Monday, May 19, 2014 to Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Bath, UK

Societal and environmental challenges, not least the potential dangers of climate change, have lead to a surge in the interest and in the development of novel statistical tools to deal with very big data sets on the one hand and of efficient uncertainty quantification (UQ) methods for complex engineering applications on the other.

There are two main aims for this meeting. The first aim is to bring together key researchers from statistics and from applied mathematics working in spatial statistics and in UQ, but approaching similar questions from often quite different angles. The second aim is to go beyond the discussion and analysis of algorithms applied to toy problems, and to instead focus on real, large scale applications and on the scalability of novel statistical and UQ tools on modern supercomputers.


       Finn Lindgren (University of Bath)
       Rob Scheichl(University of Bath)
       Tony Shardlow (University of Bath)
       Simon Wood (University of Bath

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