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Maxwell Institute Graduate School (MIGS)

The Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences represents a partnership of over 110 academics at the School of Mathematics of University of Edinburgh and the Department of Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics and the Department of Mathematics of Heriot-Watt University and provides a superb environment for PhD study in all areas of the mathematical sciences.

The rich environment includes a lively seminar programme, encompassing all areas of mathematics, operational research and statistics. There are numerous meetings, workshops and conferences held through the year, both at the two universities and, often jointly, at the Edinburgh-based International Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

We offer two different types of PhD programmes:

  • the general programme described on this page
  • a 4-year EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computation (MAC-MIGS), is now recruiting for September 2020 entry. See for details and to register interest.

General Programme PhD Projects starting in Autumn 2020

If you are interested in pursuing a general PhD at the Maxwell Institute Graduate School, please have a look at the list of projects below, grouped by themes.

Admission to the Maxwell Institute Graduate School often includes a scholarship covering fees and living expenses, but we also consider self-funded applicants. The funding period for PhD projects varies between 36 and 48 months, depending on the previous experience of the candidate. The MAC-MIGS doctoral training scholarships are all for 48 months.

What we offer

New space Bayes Centre for graduate school in the Edinburgh city centre where all MIGS first year PhD students will be located. 

High Quality Training - Academic and Beyond

Vibrant Research Environment, many Seminar Series and Further Activities

Application procedure for general programme PhDs

Please choose one or more potential supervisors from Heriot-Watt or Edinburgh Universities, for example by searching the PhD projects on offer. Then follow the relevant link to Apply at Heriot-Watt University or Apply at the University of Edinburghdepending on where your potential supervisor is based. (If you would like to persue a PhD thesis under the supervision of an academic on a project which is not listed, please contact the academic first.) You are encouraged to apply by the following two deadlines for full consideration: November 30th or January 31st. Later applications will be considered until all positions are filled. Please note that we do not offer a joint degree at this point (with exception of MAC-MIGS) and you will be awarded a degree at the institution where you have applied.

You may want to join us for one of our open days, where we present ourselves and our research and conduct interviews. The precise dates will be announced soon.

Application procedure for the MAC-MIGS CDT

A different procedure applies for the Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computation (MAC-MIGS). Please see

Any further questions?

Please consult our page on frequently asked questions. If this is not helpful, you can contact the following people for further information:

Further key contacts: