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The Teaching Stream

Teaching is an important part of academic work, and this programme will help you to develop your teaching skills in a supportive environment. You will benefit from a variety of training activities and workshops, and from the support of an assigned mentor who will help you to plan and reflect on your development. The programme is structured around working towards accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and will see you take on a growing range of teaching responsibilities while building up a reflective portfolio documenting your experience.

Teaching I

At the outset, an induction session will equip you with techniques for teaching small groups, and for marking and giving feedback on student work. Your first teaching duties will give you a chance to put this into practice in a supportive environment, where you can draw on advice of experienced staff and of other tutors. There will be meetings and activities at relevant times throughout the year to help you develop your skills; for example, during your first semester of tutoring, a member of staff will come to see you teach and meet with you afterwards to give you some feedback. Toward the end of the academic year, you will be assigned a mentor who will help you to start working towards accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Teaching II

You will continue working towards Associate Fellow status. This will involve teaching a range of different classes, and compiling a reflective portfolio with the support of your mentor. You will take part in various professional development activities such as workshops run by the Institute for Academic Development, and a peer observation exercise which will give you a chance to get some feedback from a fellow tutor and also to watch another tutor at work. These activities will enable you to reflect on your approach to teaching and help you to develop new skills.

Teaching III

You will take on more varied teaching duties; for instance, these may involve opportunities for designing course materials or for delivering lectures. You will be supported in this with relevant training activities and through working closely with experienced members of staff. This will all contribute to you completing your reflective portfolio and applying for accreditation as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.