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Miles Savva

People Details

Student, Year 5 in University of Edinburgh
5210 JCMB, King's Buildings

Research interests: Applied mathematics, fluid dynamics

Miles completed an MSci degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Birmingham, where his final year project was in the area of supersymmetric quantum mechanics. He joined MIGSAA having been attracted by the opportunity to continue learning about a broad range of mathematics through courses and projects, and also to be part of a group with a variety of interests and specialties.

Following an extended MIGSAA project, his main interests are in geophysical fluid dynamics, and his research will be in the general theme of wave-flow interactions. In particular, he is currently investigating interactions between oceanic internal waves and mesoscale eddies in order to understand the impact of internal waves on the ocean energy budget. Outside of academia, Miles enjoys playing classical piano, reading, and exercise.