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Zoe Wyatt

People Details

FORMER Student REP, Year 5 in University of Edinburgh
4620 JCMB, King's Buildings

Research interests: Relativity and partial differential equations

Zoe holds a BA and MMath from the University of Cambridge where she focussed on general relativity and differential geometry. During her MMath thesis on numerical relativity she investigated the well-posedness of different formulations of the Einstein equations, which sparked her interest in analytical methods. In her extended project at MIGSAA she studied the nonlinear stability of higher-dimensional Minkowski spacetime, as well as a side project on some existence results in Navier-Stokes theory. Zoe especially likes that MIGSAA offers the chance to learn about a range of methods in partial differential equations beyond her own studies in relativity. Outside of work, Zoe’s interests include birdwatching, promoting women in maths and playing squash.