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Research in MIGSAA

Research in MIGSAA

The Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and Its Applications is a research-focussed PhD programme.   The training students receive is aimed at providing them the essential mathematical knowledge they need to make fundamental and lasting contributions to research in the mathematical sciences, in relevant application areas, or in industry-relevant work.   

MIGSAA is very wide-ranging in its remit and has a large network of associated staff members from both Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt Universities who are all potential PhD supervisors.   

Below we briefly describe the types of research work you, as a MIGSAA student, may engage in during your studies and the formal arrangements for choosing supervisors.

Themes for MIGSAA Research Projects

Modern research in analysis is often both intra- and inter-disciplinary, meaning that it may involve the study of subjects in a variety of areas of the mathematical sciences as well as those originating outside of mathematics entirely.  There is considerable interleaving of subjects; this is one reason why MIGSAA incorporates a strong training programme.

Extra-Maxwell Institute research links

Some of our supporters outside the Maxwell Institute:

  • Institute of Petroleum Engineering, HWU (Christie, Geiger, McDougall)
  • School of Informatics, UoE (Dianikolas, Etessami)
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, HWU (Ocone)
  • School of Biological Sciences, UoE (Grima)
  • School of the Built Environment, HWU (Pender)
  • School of Engineering, UoE (Sun)

Not to mention our industrial links, of which a full list is available on our industry page.

For information on cutting-edge Research by MIGSAA and other CDTs funded by EPSRC visit